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Saturday, February 21, 2009

BTW... This is Sarah

Joe has actually been blogging for a long time and had this account set up. That's why it always says his name. But, I guarantee, it will always be me. :)

I'm lame...

I just realized that I started this blog back in October and then never told anyone about it or updated it at all. :0) So here I go again, giving this another try. I'll be "keeping you posted."

Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting Started...

Everyone always asks so many questions about our family and then I talk to much, so this is my attempt to answer some of those questions so I can practice my listening skills. :) Joe and I met when I moved back to Fresno from The Master's College and he had moved here to go to Fresno State. We worked at Starbucks together for awhile before he chose Riverpark as his new church and we started dating. We were married in March of 2002. After being in Fresno for a couple years, we spent a year in Stockton and another year in Brentwood. During those years,. Joe and I had 3 miscarriages while we were trying to start our family. They were some hard times that brought us closer together and very happy to move back home to Fresno when we did in September 2006. Right around that time we got pregnant again and felt it was perfect timing. When I was almost 6 weeks pregnant I was tool by 6 different doctors that I was going to miscarry an empty egg sac with no baby inside. I was devastated and felt I couldn't do this anymore. I sort of gave up and did nothing for weeks. Over 5 week I think it was when I went into get another ultrasound and there was my miracle baby with a strong heartbeat! We welcomed Boston Samuel Parker Sanchez into our lives on 7-7-07, our lucky baby. Okay, we don't believe in luck, ;) he was all God's doing. What a joy raising him has been. So this is where we are now... Learning to love each other more while we strive to teach Boston Godly principles even as we are still learning things ourselves. Thanks for reading! Joe, Sarah and Bos